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About Murphy Kaufman Builders


Murphy Kaufman Builders represents more than three decades of quality custom home construction. We have built our reputation based upon honesty, integrity and trust. Developing competitively priced custom homes and entire neighborhoods is what we do, one relationship at a time. We believe that each new homebuyer should meet and work directly with the builder throughout the design and build process, and at Murphy Kaufman, that's exactly what you get. We work with you hand in hand, each step of the way, to ensure that your every need is met, and every expectation exceeded.

Our Mission

Murphy Kaufman Builders, Inc. has been conducting business in Marion County since 1980 as a general contractor specializing in new residential home building.

Murphy Kaufman Builders, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining its position as a leader in this rapidly changing and highly competitive industry.

Our company strives to:

  1. Understand that quality means going beyond "mere" satisfaction.
  2. Exercise effective team work and communication skills to better serve our customers.
  3. Think creatively to be competitive and meet the patron's needs.
  4. Adapt to the industry's changes for the safety and good of the homeowner.
  5. Offer quality custom built homes with values that are over and beyond their cost.